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CNC Tips & Techniques

Tips from various online sources, many from the excellent site, Please read the entire article at the CNCCI site. Use of these tips should be preceded by professional advice.

How do you switch from OD to ID chucking on a turning center?

If your machine does not have a physical switch that allows you to change from OD to ID chucking (and vise versa), it's likely that the machine tool builder has included two M codes for this purpose. Check the machine's list of M codes to find those related to clamping direction. Frankly speaking, more and more machine tool builders are not supplying the physical switch, since if this switch is thrown during the machine's operation, the results could be disastrous. M codes help them avoid switch interfacing headaches. (article).

What are the differences between manual, conversational, and CAM system programming?

There are actually three types of programming methods, manual programming (which I think you're referring to as NC), conversational programming (which is also called shop floor programming), and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system programming. Each has it's place and application. (article).

What is nurbs interpolation?

I'm not sure how detailed I can get, since I've never used nurbs interpolation. There was a great article on nurbs interpolation in a previous issue of Modern Machine Shop (check your back issues or log onto their site to see if it's still available). Frankly speaking, I feel that this feature is more of a band-aid for some of the problems related to machining sculptured surfaces than a long term solution. As you probably know, programs for five axis shapes can be very long. (article)

Can I change the retract between pecks of a G73 cycle?

I would like to know if there is a way to change the value of the rapid clearance of .100 between pecks in the chip-break peck-drilling cycle (G73). We are drilling through plastic, copper and stainless steel tubing. In order to keep drills from breaking (we are drilling (380) #30 drill holes .625 deep.) We can only drill at .7 Feed using a 'Q' peck of .03. Therefore with the .100 Rapid Clearance we are wasting a lot of time drilling air. (article)

What is the difference between helical and spiral interpolation?

Helical interpolation is required when thread milling a straight thread. Two axes (usually X and Y) move along a circular path while the third axis (usually Z) moves along a straight path. The radius remains constant throughout the circular movement in XY. (article)

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