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Using custom macro to streamline tool length measurements

This rather advanced technique assumes your control has parametric programming (example shown in custom macro B). If you have this feature, you can eliminate the error-prone calculations and tool length compensation offset entry needed for tools on machining centers. This technique dramatically reduces the time, effort, and potential for operator error when measuring the program zero position during setup. In this article, we use the same principle to help with on-line tool length measurements....(Article)

When should you tap?

Tapping tends to be the most error prone and frustrating operation a machining center performs. Depending upon the tap style, the material being machined, the size of the thread being tapped, and even the machine tool itself, tapping poses a variety of special problems. In many tapping applications, the operator must also blow out the chips formed during drilling and apply tapping compound. (Article)

Using Standard And Inexpensive DNC Software

Gem number one is a device called PC Companion Plus, manufactured by Cybex Corporation of Huntsville Alabama (ph: 205-534-0011). It costs about $500.00 and consists of two small boxes and a cable that allowed us to hook up a remote monitor, keyboard, and mouse for the computer that the CAD/CAM system runs on. Now we have a computer work station in the shop and about ten feet from the machining center, with the original monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, and printer remaining upstairs. The CPU pays attention to whichever keyboard/mouse is being used. (Article)

Do you know where your parameters are?

According to one of the most popular control manufacturers in the industry, one of the biggest causes of machine down-time is related to parameters. It is not uncommon for a control to be re-initialized during a repair. During this process all volatile data in the control will be lost, including programs, offsets, and parameters. This control manufacturer says it is not unusual for the service engineer to repair the control problem within minutes of arriving at the machine tool. However, if the CNC user has not kept a backup copy of the parameters, a great deal of time will be wasted (possibly days) while the service engineer uses trial-and-error techniques in an attempt to get the machine running again. (Article)

Prompting Operators With Parametric Programming On Fadal Machining Centers

I have written a program to control our probe on our Fadal 30-16 VMC. There is a main menu (printed to the screen with the #print statement) which lists a series of chooses for the operator. Chooses include probing for corners, probing for centerlines, etc. Sub menus are printed to the screen for each choice on the main menu which prompts the operator for needed information to set up the probe. (Article)

What Is Parametric Programming? The best kept secret of CNC

There are few CNC people that even know what parametric programming is -- and fewer still that know how to use it! Given the enhancements that this kind of programming brings, it is surprising that more machine tool builders, control manufacturers, and technical schools don't say more about it. In this short discussion, we'll explain what parametric programming is and show its main applications. (Article)

When is a 5 axis machining center required?

Many companies must simply expose different surfaces (planes) to the spindle for machining. Such would be the case on a very odd shaped workpiece that must be machined on several sides. In one sense, this kind of machining is simply an extension of what can be done with the fourth axis. If this is your area of interest, you'll want to learn more about "variable plane selection". This feature is like the standard G17, G18, and G19 (XY, XZ, YZ) plane selection commands, but it allows you to define any plane for machining. This allows you to use many of the standard programming features like canned cycles, cutter radius compensation, and axis rotation, making programming much easier. (Article)

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