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Thermal Arc Welders

Thermal Arc Welders offers a full line of outstanding arc welding equipment.

The company's welder line includes:

Light Industrial Mig Welders

Fabricator® 131, 115V; 30-130 Amps; 60Hz. Designed for welding with mild and stainless steel, flux-cored and wires, the Fabricator® 130 and 180 are ideal for auto body shops, restoration, metal working hobbyists and light sheet metal fabricators. units come with a rugged feed head powered by a low noise, powerful feed motor and can take 4” and 8” wire spools up to 10 lbs.

Fabricator® 181 230V; 40-180 Amps; 50/60Hz: The Fabricator® 180 runs on 230 VAC with an output of 40 – 180 Amps and is suitable for welding material from 26 gauge (0.55mm) to 3/16” (5mm). The Fabricator 180 comes equipped with a 10 ft. welding gun, 8 ft. input power lead, 11 ft. work cable with clamp and a 1 lb. spool of .035” (0.9mm) welding wire.

Industrial Duty (Mig)

Fabricator® 210, 208/230V; 30-210 Amps; 60Hz: The Fabricator® Series is a combination built-in wire feeder and 208 / 230 VAC DC
constant voltage power source designed to be the leading, low cost, single phasemachine in its class. The machine is delivered standard with a Tweco® MIG gun 12.5 ft. (3.4 m), Victor® regulator flow gauge, portable mounting, cylinder rack, extra contact tips, .030-.035” (0.8 mm – 0.9 mm) / .045” (1.2 mm) drive rolls and a 10 ft. / 3.4 m work lead and ground clamp assembled. A 6 ft. / 1 m primary cord with plug and receptacle is included with this 208 / 230 VAC unit.

Both the Fabricator® 210 and 250 accept the Tweco® Spool Master Spool Gun as a direct plug in to the 14 pin amphenol on the front of the machine. No auxiliary control box is needed. The Spool Master Gun accepts wire from .030” (0.8mm) to .045” (1.2mm) and is shipped standard with .035” (0.9mm) drive rolls and a standard length of 25 ft. (7.6m).

Heavy Industrial

Fabstar® 4030, 200/230/460/575V (60Hz) or 200/230/400/460/500/575V (50/60Hz); 40-400 Amps: a reliable, versatile, three phase constant voltage MIG power source. An output selector switch on the 4030 lets you choose either forceful or soft arc characteristics. Exceptional CV dynamic response gives superior low-end characteristics, arc starting and recovery. The FABSTAR® 4030 is rated 400 Amps at 60% Duty Cycle and 300 amps at 100% Duty Cycle. Standard features include: a 19-pin amphenol connector and dual auxiliary power outlets (115 VAC, 10 A circuit breaker protected), single voltage range, solid state contactor, output voltage regulation, built-in overload protection, volt and amp meters, burnback and environmental protection for optimum reliability.

Also, Thermal offers the  Excel-Arc® 6045 CV200/230/460/575V (60Hz) or 230/400V (50/60Hz); 50-600 Amps, or the  Excel-Arc® 8065 CV230/460/575V (60Hz) or 400/500V (50/60Hz), 75-800 Amps

Inverter power supplies

Thermal Arc® has completed its launch of an entire new lineup of nine lightweight and efficient Next Generation inverter power supplies for STICK (SMAW), DC TIG (GTAW), AC/DC TIG (GTAW) and MIG (GMAW) applications.

Welders have grown familiar with Thermal's lineup, but these revamped inverters have been enhanced to justifiably earn the "new" designation. Each machine in the family has been improved and expanded with achieving unmatched versatility and value in mind.

Thermal Arc’s new portable inverter models range in weight from 19-63 pounds, and all come with control panel covers to protect against the elements. Standard features include voltage reduction (VRDÔ) safety for STCK welding, durable / stackable construction, and full digital controls. A 3-year warranty is provided with each unit.

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