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Home made arc welders

Is it possible to make a good arc welder?

According to this site, using parts from old Microwave ovens, you can build an arc welder. We don't endorse this downloadable PDF book, but you may find it useful.

They are selling plans for about 9 bucks. The plans include details for small 120 volt portable units all the way up to 250 amp, 240 volt units. You can easily scale the design up even more if you wish.

What you get is the inside scoop on microwave oven scavenging, the basics of electricity, and dozens of high quality color illustrations and schematics to get you on the fast track to building this very useful shop tool.

The design also incorporates an exclusive solid state controller using low cost parts easily purchased on eBay or other online sources. The author claims to have 5+ years perfecting the design and it works! You won't find better information on this controller than right here.

And if AC welding isn't enough, there is also a chapter on building the heavy duty DC rectifier bridge so you can weld with DC (direct current).

Please note that this is a large pdf file to download (4.6MB).

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