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Used Mig Welders

What factors into buying a used mig welder?

When considering used mig welders, you have to do the same thing you do when you buy a new mig welder; consider your level of welding expertise, your budget (they're cheaper used, but not necessarily cheap), and what you want to weld. Besides the mig welder itself, you'll have to consider wire, gas, and accessories if you need to.

Buying used Mig welders online

Lots of people who buy used mig welders buy them online. eBay and other online auction sites usually have a good selection of welders, and several sellers are large internet retailers who can cut you a good deal and are "safer" than dealing with an individual when looking for used mig welders.

Buying used Mig welders through local classified ads

One great way to go about your used mig welder search is your local classified ads -- the key to these is that you'll get to look the unit over in person. Look for excessive wear and tear; ask to use it before you buy it. These are key advantages over online purchases, where you're depending on a written description and maybe a photo of the mig welder.

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