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Computer controlled TIG welder

Precision TIG welding with computer controlled welders

Because TIG welding is a well-known and understood process, it offers many advantages; it's readily available and has low cost consumable parts Computer controlled TIG welders offer excellent gas shielding for cleaner parts.

The TIG arc shape has advantages for specification parts/weld joints.

Computer controlled TIG welder applications

Mold and die repair, metal bellows, valves, metal seals, diaphragms, pressure transducers, sensors, implant devices, relay cans, capacitor cans, micro switches, batteries, motors, electronic devices, enclosures, pacemakers, explosive detonators, airbag components, air seals, tube/fitting assemblies, vacuum tubes, electrocautery tools, metal meshes, thermocouples, tube closure, surgical instruments, dental instruments, wires, aspiration needles, injection needles, surgical baskets, catheter metal capsules, guidewires, light bulb filaments, and many more.

What kind of qualifications does it take to implement computer controlled tig welding?

Knowledge of computers is gaining importance, especially for welding, soldering, and brazing machine operators, who are becoming responsible for the programming of computer-controlled machines, including robots.

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