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High frequency unit TIG welding

The Power of TIG high frequency welders can transform your welding process


"I have a miller trailblazer 250g and I am looking for a high frequency box to add to this machine so that I can weld aluminum alloys. does anyone know of a welding supplier that I can contact to get a price quote on this product. I have priced one in my local area and I just want to shop around and see if I can find anything a little cheaper. I have heard of people picking up high frequency boxes much cheaper than the price that I had gotten so I'm wondering if anyone may know anything about the cost of this product."


Look on ebay, check the big internet welding suppliers- but unless you find used, you probably wont save all that much.

I have a miller high frequency unit, which I just ordered from my local welding supply and paid what they asked for it- I needed it right then, and I find my local guys treat me right- they usually discount a little for me, but I have an account, and spend an average of $300 a month there on supplies, so I often get freebies thrown in, or delivery on urgent parts, just plain good service.

I have used the high frequency unit with the trailblazer, and it works great. We do a lot of site tig welding, mostly stainless, so I am usually running it DC, start only, but it will do AC continuous very well too.
I have a little cart made up with the high frequency unit, a Radiator, a water cooled torch and foot pedal, and I can either run it in the shop with an inverter power supply, or throw the whole thing in the truck and run it off the trailblazer.

I would recommend sticking with the miller unit just for the plug and play aspect- everything plugs right in, and it is real easy to move it around, or reconfigure it- foot pedal, remote hand controller, scratch start, move it from power supply to power supply, and plus it has a gas solenoid, which not all of them do. My only gripe would be no adjustable pre and post flow.

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The Invertec V205-T AC/DC is a compact, TIG power source intended for critical AC or DC TIG welding. From maintenance to production fabrication, to motorsports, aerospace, nuclear piping and shipbuilding, this feature-packed inverter is flexible enough for almost any job. Variable AC frequency allows you to focus the arc when precise control is required. The 115/230V input voltage auto-reconnect makes the V205-T AC/DC extremely useful almost anywhere in the shop or in the field.

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