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Miller TIG welder

Manufacturer profile: Miller Tig Welders

A guide to Miller Tig Welders

Miller makes some of the best TIG welders in the world.

According to the Miller website, "Experience true weld control and precision with TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. The TIG process lets you weld thinner material than other processes. If you want to solve problems related to burn-through or warping when Stick or wire welding, TIG might be the solution. TIG also provides excellent fusion. While it's hard to learn, takes a lot of skill and is slow, the quality of a TIG weld bead meets the needs of aerospace, power piping and other critical applications. TIG also produces the best looking weld beads, which is why it is often specified when cosmetic appearances really count — and why TIG welding operators are considered the artists of the welding world."

Miller revolutionized TIG welding by inventing AC squarewave technology and introducing the Syncrowave® Series. Professionals made it the industry standard more than 25 years ago. They still use it as a benchmark today.

Miller's Recommendations on TIG Welding Systems

Recommended Features: The most basic elements are DC or AC/DC welding output (DC for ferrous metals, AC for non-ferrous), amperage range and duty cycle. Professionals welding aluminum will want to purchase a machine using squarewave or advanced squarewave technology. Other important features to consider include ease of use, pulsing capabilities (especially to minimize warping on stainless), sequence control (often used to prevent crater cracking) and type of arc start. High frequency (HF) start-only or continuous HF are common; most Miller machines also feature Lift-Arc™ to provide positive arc starts without HF.

Miller TIG welders are among the best in the world, and we recommend Miller for a variety of its TIG line. When it comes to TIG welding, consider Miller a prime source.

Miller TIG welder informational resources

Miller offers a variety of educational data for TIG welders. One CD is for anyone who's looking for a better understanding of the TIG process. Easy to understand instruction. Proven teaching steps. Expert advice. All these factors help to create a more effective academic approach to training. Specific subject areas covered are: system components, process fundamentals, electrical theory, safety and power source operation.

Miller TIG welder models & tig accessories, power sources

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