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Precision TIG welder

Precision tig welders offer many advantages for a variety of applications

One precision TIG welder is the Lincoln Industrial K1826-1 Precision TIG 275 208/230/460/1/60. The Precision TIG 275 is the next wave of the Square Wave family of machines. Its technology provides revolutionary arc performance ideal for critical AC or DC welding in fabrication, aerospace, production, and vocational applications.

Available in both machine-only models or in a convenient Ready-To-Weld Package, the Precision TIG 275 combines both outstanding value-added features, with precision arc welding performance.

Low Amperage

To make a long story short, it is essentially 2nd , very low amperage welder that is in the output circuit. When very low output (when starting, or welding at low current, or when tailing out the end of the weld ) is required , the power is taken from this special "smaller" welder tailored for low amperage performance. When higher output is required , the main circuits take over to provide the output.

The start and low end performance is nice. What's important in the world of TIG welders is low amperage performance. The torch hookup "pod" on the side of the Precision TIG is nicer, and the unit does have a 30 amp advantage on the top end. As far as water cooling goes , it's not so much as how much output you plan to use , but rather the torch size you desire. An air cooled "17 style" is the same size as a water cooled "20 " . The water cooled can handle 100 amps more.

Air or water cooled torches for precision TIG welders

You can purchase an air cooled torch that would be good for a 250 amp precision tig, but it would be much larger than a water cooled version of a 200 amp torch. Water cooled torches run water in an annular jacket around the power cable. As a result, water cooled torch cables are much smaller and more flexible.

Precision TIG welder coolers

Incidentally, the Cooler 40 water cooler in the Lincoln uses the same motor / pump assembly as Miller and Bernard coolers. The Lincoln unit slides in and out for service and maintainance. The Miller unit cannot be removed from the "TIG runner" undercarriage, so if you need service, the entire undercarriage must go

One note on the PFC capaciators: you will NOT save money on your power bill with the kit. Buy them only if you don't have enough power to run the unit wide open ( 94 amp draw on 230volts ). With the PFC , the unit will actually draw more output at the low end and idle. Since the machine will spend the majority of time at idle and low end you will actually consume more power. Another reason to use the PFC caps is to reduce the PF shift that the utilitity companies can penalize you for. This is not an issue if you only have the one machine in your shop.

You save quite a bit of money buying the ready to weld water cooled package, rather than buying the parts separately. Don't forget, you still need a foot pedal, regulator , hoses etc. Once you add those in, the package is a good buy.

Lincoln Electric Precision Tig welders

K2347-2 Precision TIG 185 Ready-Pak w/Cart 208/230/1/60

You work hard. You deserve the best tools. Consider the Precision TIG 185 for general fabrication, automotive/motorsports, vocational schools or the serious hobbyist. Auto-Balance™ takes the guesswork out of optimizing cleaning action versus penetration. Standard Pulse control makes it easy to gain greater heat control on thin materials.

The Precision TIG 275

Patent-pending Micro-Start Technology provides unrivaled and revolutionary arc performance ideal for critical AC or DC welding in fabrication, aerospace, production, motorsports, and vocational applications. The Precision TIG 275 combines both outstanding value-added features, with precision arc performance to meet all of your welding needs.

Precision TIG 275 Water-Cooled AC/DC TIG Ready-Pak

All the features described in the Precision TIG 275 Air-Cooled package, except with a water-cooled torch for heavier-duty applications. This package includes virtually everything you need to start TIG welding.

Precision TIG 375 Air-Cooled AC/DC TIG Welding System

The Precision TIG welder 375 delivers the Power to Perform. Combines value-added features and Micro-Start Technology, the Precision TIG has the widest range of welding current in its class featuring up to 25 more amps of power at 40% duty cycle and a superior low-end. This welding machine comes standard with full-featured sequencing and pulsing controls and power factor correction. The Precision TIG 375 is ready to meet all of your welding needs.

Precision TIG 375 Water-Cooled AC/DC TIG Ready-Pak

This Ready-Pak package arrives fully assembled, has one product number for ordering and includes the Precision TIG 375 configured for water-cooled welding.

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