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Tig welding conversion kits

With a TIG welder conversion kit, you can TIG weld aluminum, stainless steel and chrome-moly and many other metals

There are many kits designed for either the hobbyist welder or an veteran operator who needs low amperage output control.

The term “Buzz Box” is often associated with the venerable Lincoln AC/DC stick-welding machine. Hundreds of thousands of these machines are in use today and they have proven to be an excellent performing power supply. Some tig welding conversion kits can be used on a multitude of AC/DC Stick Welders, but with new models constantly entering the market, you'll have to check your welder to see if a particular tig welder conversion kit can be applied to it.

Some general guidelines for specifying a TIG welding conversion kit:

Some TIG welding conversion kit models:

The Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 175 welding conversion kit

This TIG welding conversion kit converts welder for use with shielding gas. Includes .025-.030 cable liner; two .025 contact tips; gas nozzle; 2 lb. spool of .025 L-56 MIG wire; gas regulator and solenoid. Instructions included. Everything you need to convert to aluminum welding is included in the kit. Tips: Use 100% argon gas, clean the material with a stainless wire brush, keep the gun and cable as straight as possible, and be sure the wire reel brake is loose.

Hobart 500424 Tigmate 230-Volt AC/DC, Tig and Stick Welding Package with Fingertip Control

The Tigmate is a complete AC/DC, Tig and Stick welding package. All you need is a bottle of argon shielding gas or your choice of stick electrodes and you're ready to start welding. In the Tig mode, the Tigmate offers superior performance: 18 gauge to 1/16-inch (1.2 to 4.8 mm) steel and stainless.


This kit was designed for the entry-level welder or an experienced welding operator that needs low amperage output control at a low cost. The term “Buzz Box” is most associated to the Lincoln AC/DC stick-welding machine that has been manufactured for many, many years. Literally hundreds of thousands of these machines are in use today and they have proven to be an excellent performing power supply.

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