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TIG welding machines

tig welding machines make welding easier for many metals

What to consider when selecting a TIG welding machine

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW or TIG) has many advantages. However, it may not be the correct process to use in all applications. TIG welding often is used with stainless steel or aluminum.

In TIG welding, the welder holds the welding rod in one hand and an electric torch in the other hand. The torch is used to simultaneously melt the rod and the work piece.

Skilled welding, soldering, and brazing workers generally plan work from drawings or specifications or use their knowledge of fluxes and base metals to analyze the parts to be joined. These workers then select and set up welding equipment, execute the planned welds, and examine welds to ensure that they meet standards or specifications. Highly skilled welders often are trained to work with a wide variety of materials in addition to steel, such as titanium, aluminum, or plastics. Some welders have more limited duties, however. They perform routine jobs that already have been planned and laid out and do not require extensive knowledge of welding techniques.

What thickness of metal are you welding?

Selecting a welding machine that sets to a low enough amperage to accommodate requirements is vital. If you're welding wafer-thin metals, your welding machine should be able to handle it because of the amount of heat applied to a thin metal. If your material is a half-inch thick or more, a TIG welder isn't your best option due to the fact that MIG or stick welding would be faster.

Another issue is the features and complexity of your of TIG welding machine. Do you need a complex machine, or will a basic welder do the job? Hobbyist welders might need to supplement their MIG machine, but don't necessarily need a sophisticated tig machine. Industrial applications might require a tig machine with more features and power. Affordability and application will help you make the choice of what TIG welding machines.

You must decide whether you need an AC/DC power source. Aluminum and magnesium are best welded AC. Steels are typically welded with DC output. You can opt for a combination AC/DC machine if you're welding a variety of metals. Other TIG machines available include constant current, constant voltage.

TIG welding machine portability

In industrial shop welding applications, you're often blessed with the ability to set a welder in place and use it right there, building a welding work area around it. If your application is portable, such as repair work outside the shop, buy a portable welding machine.

Portability can be had with inverters and engine-driven welders. Inverters can weigh as little as ten pounds and run on115 & 230 volt current. Inverters allow a machine to be smaller and lighter than conventional machines. Engine-driven welding machines are used when a welder has no access power.

TIG welding machines yield a better appearance

When weld bead appearance is important, use tig welding for its better appearance. Tig welding is simply the best choice when you've got a visible bead and need it to look good. Some jobs require that at least the root pass (the first weld in the pipe joint) to be TIG welded for a good bond. In some cases all the passes on a multi-pass pipe weld may have to be done with TIG, depending upon quality and code requirements.

When speed is more important, MIG welding might be a better choice than using a Tig welding machine. may be the best choice. MIG isn't low quality at all, but it's common knowledge that TIG can be a better looking, higher quality weld.

Welding power source duty cycle

The welding power source duty cycle is the time you can weld at a given output without overheating your power source.

American duty cycles are based on a ten-minute periods. If a machine is rated at 300 amps/60% duty cycle, it can weld at 300 amps for six minutes. For the remaining four minutes, the power source needs to idle. The duty cycle for many machines increases as amperage increases.

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