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TIG welding tips

Tips and help for tig welders - application tips for safe, successful tig welding

Tig welding tips and assistanceWhat tips to experts offer for tig welding? Below are various tips for tig welding...

TIG welding process tips

Use a good process for thin metals. It takes a clean process to produce perfect tig welds. Always utilize Argon shielding for steel, stainless, and aluminum.

Electrodes & Amperage TIG welding Tips

One good tig welding tip: choose the right  type and size of tungsten electrode for your amperage. If the diameter is too small, tungsten can cause the tip to ball up. The ball might drop into the weld pool and contaminate the weld. Too large a diameter of tungsten can result in a non directional arc.

Tig welding tips: Never grind both ends of the tungsten.

Another great tig welding tip is to use the right size of ceramic nozzle. Too small, and it'll  cause turbulence that could contaminate your weld pool. Too large and you'll waste shielding gas.

Tig welding tips: Once the welding arc is initiated, raise the torch angle to nearly 90%. This prevents elongated weld pools and reduces any chance of the weld not breaking through the oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum. It also gives you maximum gas cover.

Another good tig welding tip is this: when you add filler wire to the tig welding pool, don't draw the wire tip outside the gas shield. This helps you avoid contaminants.

Power source tips for tig welding aluminum

When tig welding, use DC-Straight Polarity (DCEN) for steel and stainless steel. Use AC for aluminum. Always use a push technique with the TIG torch to achieve the best tig welding results. Match the tungsten electrode size with the collet size.

More specific metal tig welding tips

Tips: When tig welding aluminum, use a pure tungsten, AWS Class EWP (green identifying band). When tig welding steel and stainless steel use a 2% thoriated tungsten, AWS Class EWTH-2 (red identifying band). Prepare a pointed-end for DCEN welding. 

TIG welding tips from Murex

Useful Tips for TIG Welding is a new four page guide from Murex Welding Products which provides a useful insight into successful and safe TIG welding. It discusses both AC and DC TIG welding practice and gives full details of all the machines available from the company.

TIG Tips stresses the importance of selecting the correct type and size of tungsten electrode and nozzles for AC applications.

It also discusses practical points such as the importance of torch angle. For DC applications, aspects such as tungsten preparation, selection of filler materials and electrical current settings are stressed. Copies of Useful Tips for TIG Welding are available free of charge by calling Murex Welding Products Publicity Department.

Free TIG welding tips Poster from Murex

All welding departments or workshops should have a copy of Murex Welding Products' guide to the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process.  This wall-chart provides practical information on this technology including details of the process, equipment selection and modes of TIG welding operation. Split into easy-to-read sections with applications of the process and a guide to working with TIG proving particularly useful. Murex is currently giving copies away free. Contact Murex for more information.

Tips for TIG welding 4130 thin-wall Steel Tubing

4130 thin-wall tubing is used for sport aircraft, racing cars, and other serious home TIG welding projects.

There is an age-old debate regarding which is better for welding 4130 -- gas or TIG. Many experts believe that TIG is superior to gas welding.  Someone with years of experience can gas weld 4130 just fine, but if you want joints with the same high quality (and a smaller heat affected zone) with minimal practice, TIG is the choice.

TIG welding tips: Stainless Steel

TIG welding tips: Aluminum

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