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Used Tig Welders

Can you buy a good welder used? What kind of experience can you expect with a pre-owned rig?

used tig welderUsed welding equipment can be great, but you need to watch what you purchase.

Like any used equipment, there are great deals out there and there are welders that aren't worth the trouble.

A quick glance at online auction sites such as eBay show a vast array of used welders on the market. But is a used unit for you? You'll see various brands out there:

Used Welder Brands on the Market

These welders can be purchased through websites, in classified ads, by welding distributors, and through other sources. Some welding dealers will sell demo or floor welders at a substantial discount. Heck, if you're in the business, you probably know people with welders they're selling. I've known people who bought older machines from their employers.

Some sites sell only used higher voltage 110V or 220V single phase TIG welders TIG welders for industrial use, not to home or hobbyist welders. It's advisable to only buy used welding equipment you can safely operate in your environment.

Purchasing a used TIG welder online

If you're buying the used welder online, it's difficult (or impossible)  to inspect the machine for its condition.

If you purchase one on eBay, however, looking at a seller's eBay rating can be helpful. Dealers who carry a secure commerce symbol are typically more trustworthy. Demand a good photo. Don't accept one that the seller has taken from the manufacturer's website - get a real photo of the welder they're selling -- and the right to return the welder if it's not in the condition it was advertised.

Use a credit card if possible. Your card company can be a good ally if you need to dispute the charge. See eBay's TIG Welder Listings for more details. There are good welders out there, and frankly, there are some that aren't.

Buying used TIG welders from local classified ads

This is an easy way to buy a used welder because you can inspect the unit before you buy. Look for wear and tear. If the welding machine's original documentation is available, try to obtain it. Some brands allow you to download manuals and documentation from their websites, so you may be able to get the information even if the owner no longer has it. See if there is any warranty left on it. That can sometimes transfer.

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